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Excellence in Translation Services

Discover our journey of expert translation services and our steadfast commitment to quality. We invite you to learn about our guiding principles, our unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction, and our meticulous approach to ensuring linguistic accuracy. If you have urgent translation needs, click “Request an Urgent Quote.” We’ll provide you with swift, professional solutions.

Our Founding Journey TurkishTranslation.Net

Seeking Excellence in Translation Services: Our Founding Journey was founded by two highly respected linguists, both with extensive experience in the translation industry. The first founder is a Chartered Linguist based in London, boasting 25 years of dedicated service. Meanwhile, the other is a seasoned professional translator and project manager with over 30 years of expertise. Tracing our roots, our origins go back to some of Turkey’s most reputable translation brands. We successfully launched and developed these brands before establishing our UK headquarters.

We take pride in our affiliations with esteemed organisations like the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the American Translators Association. These affiliations are a testament to our unwavering commitment to professional excellence. At the heart of our work, our core focus is providing timely, precise, high-quality target texts to our clients. Our guiding principle? To consistently deliver translation services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We achieve this by navigating the complexities of language and culture. As a result, we have built a stellar reputation for providing unparalleled translation services that resonate with our clients.

Values in Translation Services: Our Guiding Principles

At, we stand firmly behind our core values. These values form the bedrock of every translation project we undertake. Our skilled translators are dedicated to accurately translating each language’s unique nuances and idiomatic expressions. Their goal is to preserve the original text’s context and integrity while providing our clients with the highest value. Furthermore, we make it our mission to deliver on our promises. Meeting deadlines is an uncompromising practice that we maintain with the utmost rigour. Additionally, our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction is unwavering. For the past two decades, we have proudly upheld this standard. Ultimately, these values define us and drive us to set new benchmarks in the translation industry.

Values in Translation Services TurkishTranslation.Net
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Commitment to Quality

We don’t just aim to deliver high-quality translations; we guarantee it. Every project undergoes a meticulous quality assurance process. This process ensures there’s no room for errors or mistakes. What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail. You can count on us to deliver nothing but the best translations every time.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the heart of our service, and we are dedicated to providing them with unparalleled satisfaction. Adopting a customer-first approach, we ensure their needs are always met. Our track record? Consistently satisfied clients. This speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to diverse and evolving translation requirements.

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Linguistic Accuracy

Our translations go beyond mere words. They aim to capture and convey the true essence of the original text with unmatched accuracy. What do we pride ourselves on? Delivering linguistically precise translations. This involves paying meticulous attention to cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and language subtleties. Our commitment? Unwavering dedication to linguistic accuracy. This guarantees that every translation is correct, contextually and culturally relevant. Thus leaving no room for error or misinterpretation. Quality Assurance in our Translation Services Flow Chart

Quality Assurance in Our Translation Services

At, we adhere to a comprehensive Translation Quality Assurance Process. This process guarantees top-notch translations. First, we begin with an exhaustive consultation. Our goal? To understand your precise project requirements, target audience, and any unique preferences. This step ensures that our translations align perfectly with your objectives and expectations. Then, our skilled linguists, proficient in their speciality source and target languages, take charge. They contribute their extensive experience and deep cultural insights, ensuring linguistic precision and cultural resonance. With our process, you can be confident in receiving accurate, culturally relevant, and timely translations.

Our services are founded on three pillars: quality, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction. Each project undergoes rigorous proofreading by another experienced linguist. This is to ensure error-free translations. Additionally, we adhere to strict privacy policies. These policies are designed to secure sensitive information and deliver the translated document according to your requirements and deadlines. We also encourage your feedback and revisions. Why? To achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Haluk Aka, Chartered Linguist, English, Turkish

Haluk Aka

Chartered Linguist and Project Manager at Haluk Aka Ltd, London. Haluk is an exceptional translator with a remarkable blend of expertise and experience in English-Turkish and Turkish-English translations. With his membership in the American Translators Association and CIOL, he brings a solid foundation of 25 years in translation and 20 years in project management. These years showcase his exceptional skills and organisational prowess. Notably, he exemplifies a unique combination of linguistic skills and cultural understanding in translation. This makes him an invaluable asset to our team and clients. Haluk’s journey is marked by his unwavering commitment to quality and cultural understanding in translation. Therefore, he is the go-to expert for all your translation project management needs.

Meryem Yigit Arabic Translator Turkish Translation

Meryem Yigit

Arabic Linguist, Owner, and Project Manager at Karanfil Tercume, Ankara. With a rich professional journey exceeding 27 years, Meryem has not only mastered the nuances of Arabic linguistics but also emerged as an outstanding project manager. Her expertise particularly shines in orchestrating intricate translation projects. These projects are for high-profile government bodies, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. Under her astute leadership, Karanfil Tercume has grown to represent a benchmark for quality and dependability in the translation sector. Meryem’s work epitomizes a blend of linguistic precision, cultural sensitivity, and exceptional managerial prowess. As a result, she is a respected figure in the translation community.