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Launching Your Gateway to Comprehensive Language Solutions

We’re excited to usher in a new chapter in translation services at Haluk Aka Ltd with the launch of This innovative platform marks an expansion of our services, extending beyond our specialized English/Turkish translations. Now, we cater to a global audience with our capability to translate in over 100 languages, addressing a myriad of translation requirements worldwide.

Our team, each boasting over 25 years in the translation industry, holds esteemed memberships in renowned organizations like the American Translators Association and the Chartered Institute of Linguists. This expertise underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled accuracy and quality translations. We provide targeted translation solutions across various fields, such as business, legal, financial, and healthcare sectors, tailoring each service to meet the unique demands of your project. From rapid translations for urgent needs to comprehensive support for large-scale ventures, we’re equipped to offer unmatched service.

At the core of is our emphasis on precision, cultural understanding, and client satisfaction. As we embark on this venture, we invite you to experience the broadened scope of Haluk Aka’s linguistic prowess. Our translations play a crucial role in uniting languages and cultures, fostering communication and idea sharing globally.

The Story Behind

Embark on a journey with us as we reveal the story behind – a tale of ambition, expertise, and a mission to unite the world through language. We’ll uncover the inspirations and motivations that fueled the inception of this unique service.

The Inception of

Rooted in the vision and extensive experience of Haluk Aka Ltd, represents more than just an expansion of services – it signifies a major advancement in our offerings. Driven by a bold ambition to transcend the English-Turkish language barrier, we aimed to create a service catering to a broad spectrum of languages. With over a quarter-century of industry presence, our founders possess profound translation knowledge, setting out to craft a service that resonates globally.

The Forces Driving Our Service

Our founders’ roles transcend that of typical translators; they are connoisseurs of their field. Their affiliations with the American Translators Association and the Chartered Institute of Linguists speak volumes of their extensive expertise and professional stature. Their rich experience forms the essence of, ensuring that every project we undertake is approached with exceptional care and accuracy.

Our Global Mission is driven by a singular mission: to deliver superior translation services across a multitude of languages and sectors. Our capable team handles various projects, from corporate documents to legal agreements or personal correspondence. We do more than just translate words – we connect people, cultures, and businesses globally, consistently aiming to deliver high-quality services and achieve complete customer satisfaction. stands as a reliable partner for all your translation requirements.

Our Diverse Range of Services

Leveraging Haluk Aka’s extensive knowledge, presents a suite of specialized services. These are intricately designed to meet the complex and varied needs of our clients across the globe. We ensure that each project is executed with the utmost accuracy, respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds with whom we work.

Languages We Translate

Our unique strength lies in our ability to translate more than 100 languages, encompassing widely spoken international and regional dialects. We aim to bridge linguistic divides globally, offering translations that cater to popular and niche language needs.

Expertise Across Sectors

Our specialization extends to translations tailored to specific industries. We excel in sectors such as business, legal, IT, medical, and cultural translations. Our team’s proficiency in handling documents – from significant legal cases to personal communications – demonstrates our commitment to understanding and accurately translating your needs.

Bespoke Services for Immediate and Extensive Translation Requirements

At, we understand that sometimes translation needs are urgent. That’s why we’ve developed specialized rapid translation services. Just read the testimonials from our satisfied customers. They sent documents late at night and received flawless translations by the next morning. These are genuine reviews from real customers. For larger projects, we offer discounts, ensuring our clients get both value and quality. We adapt to each client’s unique needs, demonstrating our dedication to providing efficient, reliable, personalized translation solutions.

Dedication to Supreme Quality and Client Contentment

For us at, delivering top-quality work and ensuring client happiness is paramount. We go beyond mere word-for-word translation; we facilitate authentic communication. We’re committed to exceeding client expectations in every project, driven by our team’s goal to surpass what our clients envisage.

Rigorous Quality Control

Quality is the essence of our service. Each project is meticulously checked for accuracy, preventing potential errors or misunderstandings. This thorough approach exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Our team’s detailed focus ensures that every client receives the finest and most precise translations.

Prioritizing Client Fulfilment

Our clients are the foundation of our services. Placing customer needs at the forefront, we tailor our approach to meet their specific demands. Our consistent track record of client satisfaction attests to our ability to manage various translation requirements. We actively listen to our clients, aligning our services with their needs to guarantee total satisfaction.

Emphasizing Linguistic Precision

In all our translations, we strive to preserve the true essence of the source material. Our team meticulously considers cultural elements, idioms, and linguistic subtleties. Our unwavering commitment to accuracy ensures that each translation is correct, culturally, and contextually appropriate.

Founders’ Unique Blend of Expertise

The founders of offer a unique combination of skills and experience, which is central to our translation services. Their profound understanding of linguistic details and cultural diversity enhances the quality of our translations and distinguishes us within the industry.

Haluk Aka’s Visionary Leadership

Haluk Aka, a central figure in our team, is a chartered linguist and project manager with over 25 years of experience in English-Turkish translations. His long-standing memberships in the American Translators Association and the Chartered Institute of Linguists highlight his commitment to language excellence. Haluk’s blend of linguistic skills and cultural insights shapes our translation approach. His expertise in project management ensures meticulous handling of each project.

Meryem Yigit’s Linguistic Expertise

Meryem Yigit is a pivotal member of, boasting over 27 years of experience in Arabic linguistics and project management. Her expertise with key government organizations demonstrates her capability to manage challenging translation projects. As a leader at Karanfil Tercume, she established high standards for quality and reliability. Her skills illustrate our ability to address complex and sensitive translation requirements.

Our Diverse Team of Project Managers

Supporting our founders is a team of hundreds of project managers, each with extensive experience and knowledge. As native speakers of their respective languages, they bring skill and authenticity to our translations. Their expertise ensures our certifications are recognized globally, reinforcing our commitment to providing authentic translations that resonate culturally.

Complementary Services of and and may offer distinct services but create a comprehensive language solution platform. Collectively, they cater to a broad spectrum of linguistic needs. specializes in English/Turkish translations, paying close attention to this pair’s unique cultural and linguistic aspects. Haluk Aka’s extensive knowledge ensures each translation aligns perfectly with cultural and linguistic nuances.

In contrast, has expanded its services significantly, providing translations in more than 100 languages. This diversity addresses many global communication requirements, enabling us to assist a broader client base and manage translations across various sectors and languages.

Together, these platforms deliver all-encompassing translation services. brings specialized expertise in English/Turkish translations, while broadens our linguistic reach. We ensure top-quality service for every language pair we work with. Whether you require specialized English/Turkish translations or multilingual project assistance, our combined expertise guarantees exceptional and efficient service.

Client Perspectives and Appreciation

At and, our unwavering 100% customer satisfaction rate is a testament to our commitment to excellence and quality. Client feedback and testimonials are invaluable to us, showcasing our relentless dedication to every project. Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Mahsuni Kurt:Working with Haluk Aka Ltd was one of my smoothest transactions. I sent a PDF of my document at 11pm and received the translation by 11:30am the next day.

Emre Cagirici: Highly recommended; very responsive, quick process. Contacted for Turkish to English translation and got a clear explanation and timely delivery. As an ATA member, they provide verified translations. Definitely recommend.

Diba Celik: I needed a medical translation, and Mr. Haluk Aka was extremely helpful. He quickly and kindly assisted with my translation. I definitely recommend his services.

Janet Can:Thank you, Haluk Bey, for your prompt attention and for delivering exactly what you promised. Highly recommend your service to anyone.”
Atilay Boz: “Incredibly quick turnaround & professional. They patiently answered all my questions and are very knowledgeable.

Suleyman Yildirim:They quickly completed translations for my permanent residence visa application, delivering earlier than promised. Highly recommend their services.

Ozlem Aslan:Haluk Aka’s expertise as a Chartered Linguist is impressive. He responded quickly to my urgent request for British citizenship documents and delivered a perfect translation the next morning. He’s meticulous, professional, and polite. Highly recommend.

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