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Translate German to English


German into English translation of documents, certificates, reports, court orders and more. Optional certification, notarisation, apostille.

NOTE: These are guide prices without discounts and apply only to one-page translations. For larger texts or multiple pages of varying sizes, please get in touch with us for a customized quote.

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High-Quality and Accurate German to English Translations

At, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality German to English translations. Our German into English translation services are exclusively offered by Chartered Linguists, ensuring each translation meets stringent professional standards. To guarantee precision, every project undergoes meticulous proofreading by a second linguist, who brings over 25 years of rich experience in the field. This dual-layered approach to quality control ensures that the final product is linguistically accurate and culturally attuned. Behind the scenes, Haluk Aka Ltd orchestrates each project with over 25 years of project management expertise, ensuring smooth, timely, and efficient delivery. Our commitment is to provide you with translations that are not just words but bridges connecting cultures and contexts.

Specialised German to English Translation Services

At, we offer specialised German to English translation services renowned for their meticulous accuracy and alignment with UK standards. Our certified translations cater to a broad spectrum of needs, gaining recognition from UK government agencies, legal systems, educational sectors, and private businesses. Our service is vital for those requiring high-quality translations of legal contracts, technical manuals, academic texts, and more.

German-English Translation: Linguistic Expertise and Cultural Adaptation

Our approach to translating German into English goes beyond basic language conversion. We focus on retaining the original text’s nuance, ensuring each translation is contextually relevant and culturally nuanced. Our translators bring a deep understanding of German linguistic subtleties, ensuring their English translations are precise, clear, and effective for UK audiences. This attention to detail results in linguistically faithful and culturally attuned translations, meeting the sophisticated demands of various sectors within the UK.

Additional Services – Legal and Technical Translation Excellence

Beyond general translation, we excel in specialised areas such as legal and technical translations from German into English. Our team is equipped with specific expertise in these fields, guaranteeing that translations meet the exacting requirements of legal and technical documents. This specialised knowledge ensures that every translation is not just linguistically correct but also aligns with the specific terminology and conventions of the legal and technical industries.

Subject Matter

General (Non-Technical, Plain Texts), Medical (GP Report, Hospital Report, CT / MR Scan, etc.), Legal (Court Order, Power of Attorney, etc.), Technical (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Science, etc.)

Text Volume

Half Page, Full Page, Overloaded Page


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